About Leucadia Red

Leucadia Red is a boutique wine company founded in the coastal city of Leucadia in north county San Diego, featuring exclusive, superb Sonoma County wines.

Leucadia Red embraces the surreal artwork of Jami Goddess and Leucadia Red founder Dave Archinal’s second generation wine industry experience in its wines.

Leucadia Red wines are produced in collaboration with a group of expert vintners renown for their vast knowledge and wine making artistry. We are working hands on with small vineyards in Sonoma County to bring wine lovers offerings from Leucadia Red that display the elegance and balance of finely crafted wines at extremely reasonable prices.

Our belief and company goal is to produce high quality wines that always perform well above their price point, and combine them with exquisite art and a note of inspiration.

In the culmination of art and wine, Leucadia Red wines begin with an original sketch by Jami, whose work has been described as “post-apocalyptic pin-ups.” Jami's artwork is then paired with an exceptional Sonoma County wine providing a direct reflection of the art’s interpretation.

The final marriage of art and wine is accomplished through animal symbolism embedded in the artwork, providing a positive and spiritual message found on our back labels. We hope and strive to create an identity through art, wine and imagination. We additionally offer very detailed tasting notes of our wines via our website for our most discernible connoisseurs and enthusiasts. 

Please join us in the Leucadia Red experience: a union of art and wine…a journey in imagination...and inspiration in affirmation.

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Brut North Coastal Sparkling Wine 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 Russian River Pinot Noir 2010 Chardonnay 2007 Blanc De Noirs 2010 Generals Red Blend 2010 Sonoma County Pinot Noir

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