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So if I had to tell the Leucadia Red story from the perspective of where the inspiration would come from to create a wine company, it’d go something like this…

The story actually starts during the prohibition days with my teenage father.


Leucadia Red Legacy 1



With prohibition in full swing, my story begins with my father developing a passion for the distillation of spirits and wine making, having received of a somewhat savory indoctrination to the business. With a keen sense of the craft by his late teens, a lifetime pursuit of creating the finest wines and brandies was set in motion.

My first recollection of the business was as a toddler, holding a master winemakers hand, walking through warehouses, barrel storage facilities, laboratories and bottling lines. I particularly remember the aromas of each of these winery centers and am kindly reminded of a different time as I make my way through our current facilities.

Looking back on my fathers career, he ended his lifetime pursuit in the distilling and winemaking as the Vice President of the Christian Brothers company. 

I have a fond remembrance of looking on while the Catholic order and men of the cloth craft both sacrament and retail wines and brandies. Some of most endeared figures of the organization were brother Timothy, known as the father of California winemaking, and brother Justin Meyer, eventually leaving the order to create a family and the Silver Oak winery. 

Nearly half a century goes by and it’s now 2007. The winemaker’s son finds himself sitting on Stone Steps Beach in Leucadia, watching the inspired sketch pad strokes of Jami Goddess.

Dave meets Jami…and ten years later, we’d like you to experience a collection of wines to not only intrigue your palate but transcend the boundaries of language and time. 

Welcome to the artistry of wine with Leucadia Red.